SL part three – Makeover your look your stlye

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coming soon 🙂


SL part two – Getting setup and getting started

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Before evening being on Second Life I truly didn’t know what to expect or just what the hell I got myself into, and even before got started with being in-world, I had to deal with the website itself first, and let just say that took some time from my life that I wont never get back. I mean back then it was hard to know where to go to get set up, tho as luck would have it I was able to figure my way around it, tho there was so much information but at the same time nothing at all, and I hadn’t even gotten to the sign up page yet. But I guess like everyone before me it had to be done right, or was there a skip button and I wasn’t paying any attention to it. Well first thing first was to pick out my avatar and I have to say “really that all I get to chose from … sighs”, and the only black male they had was too damn dark for my liking , so i ended up picking just any random guy, and I find it bit strange that when I had pick a meal avatar that it still had asked me if I was male or female, tho it would be later on that I would realizes that not everything in Second Life is not what it seem. Now after all of that mess came the time to make my name, to have my identity, and now when I think about it, I kinda wish I came up with a name and not have gone with Rio, and I say this because all over the net I’ve been know as Rio, not saying that was a bad thing, but it would of been a good time to come up with a better name that hold the same meaning as Rio. But you know what really turn me the wrong way, was the fact that I couldn’t come up with my own last name, ” I mean really… what up with that??” Cause I was going to be Rio Oasis, or Moonlight, that would of been a good one Rio Moonlight, but no I get a list of name that I can’t even pronounce, so I ended up picked some random name and chose Karlsvalt, funny thing about it is that it would be about a few weeks later before I heard someone pronounce my last name, and I guess that a good thing, ummm  on second though that kinda sad.

Moving on when I first logged on Second Life Bevan had immediately added me when I had giving her my name and it wasn’t long before she teleported me to her skybox, so with in about tree minutes I was already off, and I didn’t even get time to look around at where I guess you would call it some kind of welcome area. To be honest I’m not to sure what it was but it had all this information about Second Life. I’m guess how everything work like stuff I needed to know before I just ran off, however this won’t be the last time that I would see this place, as I will come to find out later on in my adventure. Anyways making it to Bevan skybox she welcome me to Second Life, and took me in giving me a place to stay at, as she try her best to help settle me in. Tho that not to say that I didn’t run into a few issues along the way, because I didn’t really understand anything about Second Life or how things work. Even tho Beven did try her best to explain it to me there would be something that I would have to figure out on my own. In fact a moment that I’ll never forget was while in her skybox she had giving me a flight feather and had asked me to attached it to myself or to my hud,  like I really knew how to do that but I guess if it is was in my inventory that it was already attached to me or at least that what I though, but was I ever wrong about that cause when we left her skybox she was floating in the air  flying down to the ground, and as for myself well I ended up falling to the ground, and it was there that this though came to me “can you die in Second Life??”, but I guess I would have that answer with in the next few secants, and when I did hit the ground I ended up bouncing a little and then walking it off like it  didn’t happen. tho when Bevan came down she explain to me that  I needed to right click it on my inventory  to wear it for it to be attached to me and to also click on the fly button, tho I should of though to click on the button, but my main issue came into play because I wasn’t able to right click.

Unlike most people on Second Life I was on a Mac computer but not a desktop where I would have a mouse, but rather a laptop, and if you seen those then you know they have no such thing as a right click on it, so when Bevan found that out was when she had ask me to set in a chair, but  I wasn’t about to, and she said to just right click, my replay way I don’t have a right click. looking back on it now it makes me laugh, tho at the time it was a bit of a stressful cause she didn’t know anyone that used a Mac, and to really do anything you needed to be able to right click. So she try to get some help asking anyone she knew if they know anyone that had a Mac to help me, as I was trying over and over again to set in a chair, and that when it hit me. I can right click, cause I ran into this issue when I was playing WOW, I just had to remember what key to hit, it took a few min, and to be honest I did hit my laptop and when I did two things happen. One being that I had the keys to do a right click and two this chair icon came out now when my courser was over the chair now, and they say hitting things is a bad, well looks like it worked for me. But to make sure I try to right click on my self and I got all this options and when I told Bevan  she was happy cause I was able to do a right click, but now came the hard part getting my look down

*an on going battle that never seems to end*

Rio K.

SL part one – How it all truly began for me. . .

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Now that I’m getting this blog started I wanted to go back to pass events before I move up to the current events that are going on me at this point in time. I also must apologize for being so behind on my blog, cause I started this back in Feb. but because of a few thing I never really got it to where I wanted it to be and just left it for a while. Well I think it’s about time I got on the ball and give you all my Second Life story, and what better place to start then from the begging.

In the very begging, this journey started before I even heard of Second Life. In fact it started about two years prior of me making the chose to be apart of this viral world. It all started one summer afternoon when a few of my friends had came over to my place, and as always there I am stuck to my laptop being all over the internet. While talking to my friends as where looking at anime and playing video games, that when one of my friends came up to me and asked “have you heard of Second Life??” the thing I know is that I’m asking “what the hell is that??”, and here were it begins, with me sitting and listening to my friend trying to explain just what Second Life is, and from the way she had feed it to me was that it was an online game that you play on, and for me I really wasn’t willing to even give it a try, even tho my friend went as far as to put it on my laptop and even showed it to me. Tho with in 10 minute of her walk around and still talking to me about it, I was turned off from it, and just though that it was just some stupid online game. But was I ever wrong about that, however it would be a few more years till I find that out for myself.

Not to long after that I was reintroduce to Second Life, but this time is was on an online communication website or rather a social media network, and was a micro blogging site called Plurk. Now at the time of all of this happening, I had notice that some people had this kind of self made avatars icons, but I didn’t have any ideas that they were photos of there Second Life avatars, and when I talk to Siegfriedgunde L. she was trying to explain it tho not in great detail but it was enough that I was thinking about it ,but still I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join it, because  the question of what is Second Life was still not answer for me or why I should be apart of it. A few months had passed and it was on a few interesting plurk’s that I made my second friend from Second Life Bevan W. and it was her that talk me into joining it, but there was still so much I didn’t understand, and it would just give me even more question about what Second Life is, and it wasn’t till Bevan had posted a plurk about me asking what Second Life was, that most of her friend just came out and said it, that it’s something that you need to experience for yourself to truly know what Second Life really is, and that night at 7:30pm I made my account on Second Life and at 7:45pm I logged on, and rezzed for the very first time, and had already made my first with out even being on Second Life.

And now that all this time that has pass, the question of what is Second Life… well I’ll have to give you my answer at another time, tho till then stay cooly.

Rio K.

RezzDay – a time to reflect on the year that has gone by

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When I stop to think about it, I still can’t believe that I made it through a hole year of being on Second Life. Tho the funny thing was that on my very first RezzDay I didn’t have a clue on what I should do to celebrate it. I mean I did give it some kind though and had a few ideas like having a small get together with close friends, but honestly trying to get like two or there of my friends in the same place is a real pain in the ass, and I didn’t think of just having throwing a party, tho to be honest I’m not really good about setting one up nor am I good at being at a party, I don’t like being around a lot of people. Tho I guess if it my Rezz day that someone should have thrown the party for me right ?? Well in the end what I had decides to do was just have a random day and see what would happen, and you know what, it turned out to be one of my best days on Second Life. Not only that but I truly felt happy, and that something that I haven’t felt in a real long time on Second Life. However it felt a little strange, as it felt like I was now truly enjoying Second Life for what it was. To just have a good time, and that is exactly what I did, just being my random dorky and cooly self. Even if at the end of my day I did share a sad moment to remember someone that close to me it still was a very cooly day.

As the day continued on I ended up doing a lot of reflecting on the days that I had spent on Second Life, and I must adamant even before my RezzDay I was already flooded with memories of the days that were gone. Thinking about everything and anything that had happen to me in my first year of being on Second Life. It was draining to say the lest, thinking about the people that I’ve meet and the places that I’ve been to, and the memories of each day that went by, that a though came to me. The people that we meet weather it be on Real Life or Second Life, was it fated to be or was it just by chance?? for me I feel like it was a little bit of both, some of my friends I feel like it was by chance. Just being at the right place and at the right time, and other it felt as if it was fated to be so, as in there was a reason why they are in my life, even if I’m not friends with some of these people anymore, either way there was a lot that I learn from each person that I meet and from the people that I continue to meet. Whether it was good or bad I learn some important lessons from them, and grow to be a better person, and with the start of my second year on Second Life I can say that I learn a lot about myself , but also that I still have a lot more to learn. Tho I can say this ” no matter how much one learns about there self, there still always something new around the corner , cause life is an on going journey on one’s life discovery” – Rio K.

As I was nearing the end of my RezzDay I took some time out to once again go back to the pass, to a time where someone who was close to me was on Second Life. To be honest that was really the hardest thing for me to do. Being in a place where I had so many memories of being with her, I couldn’t help but to cry. Tho I wasn’t there alone, someone that I cared about was there for me, as I told her the story of what happen and why my  best friend was no longer on Second Life, and we stayed there till my day was over, I must say sometime just the though of her can still really get to me, but I just try to remember what she told me, ” Tho I’m not on Second Life i’ll still be with you Rio karma karma”, and I have to say at that time of my Second Life was really one of my most emotion moments that I’ve had. Tho with that behind me I felt that I could move forward to a new day where I could started my new journey of the second year on Second Life.

I really must say my first year I learn so much about myself and even now I still feel like it’s my first day and I’m still learning and with the start of my Second Life blog I hope to share the new lesson that awaits me. As always stay cooly

Rio K.